I am a charismatic engaging artist with decades of experience working in all types of media from photography and filmmaking to audio and video communication and design.


Turning my attention to aerial imagery now, my goal is to deliver quality images and video, to highlight your story and make your things look amazing.

I'm fascinated by the tools and the technology that allow us to get spectacular images from angles that would have been difficult years ago.  I'm fascinated at how important filmmaking still is in our current social climate and I'm curious to find out what kinds of beauty will be captured with these new paint brushes. 

Here’s my current resume in case you are interested in learning more about me.

I am Jeff Stoltzfus, I'm an unconventional artist, and it's a pleasure to meet you.

Jeff Stoltzfus - UAS Pilot, Filmmaker

Jeff Stoltzfus - UAS Pilot, Filmmaker