We'll capture it for you.


We work with video producers to help them capture the story, the cinematic feel of whatever they want to communicate.  Decades of experience in television and media production help us know when to make the cut. 

Real estate

Aerial beauty shots or a finished short video to highlight the home (and neighborhood) from every angle.  Good photography is the way to sell a house these days.  Video can do it even better.   


Sure, we can get the pictures you need.  FAA Licensed and insured, we can get to places your ladders won't reach.  From rooftops to towers, inspect it inexpensively and safely.

FAA 107 licensed and insured

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An example of some of our work.


Winter Sailing


This scenic short highlights some more complex speed-ramping. Sailing at sunset on the Assawoman Bay.


Andrews Beach House

Scenic short highlighting this Beach House near Fenwick Island, DE

Prisms on trees.


This short scenic film was produced while the icicles were hanging from the trees still up on mountain at the edge of Lancaster County.



Shot over Lancaster County on February 5, 2018. 

The Pagoda, Reading, PA

The red Pagoda overlooking the city of Reading, PA provides a stark image against the snowy mountain top. Shot March 11, 2017 on a blistery cold and windy day. Storm clouds rolled in at one point and it started snowing but I persisted and was rewarded with some beautiful imagery.